Vendor’s Module

Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. 

The organization of street vendors is intended through the installation of a semi-fixed type module in the public space, where the products for sale are installed inside the modules. The vendors that will occupy these modules will be those that offer typical products of the region and typical of our tradition: flowers, handicrafts, typical sweets, fruits, among others.
The proposal for the street vendor modules with traditional products from Guadalajara, aims to produce a piece in the urban space that, due to its uniqueness, can be recognized as typical of the city.
These are modules of two different sizes – depending on their use – whose sloping roof is accentuated as a small, easily identifiable urban landmark. The piece can be placed individually, in pairs, in 4 pieces or in a row, depending on its urban situation; and it is made with prefabricated metal profiles and bronze sheets, joined by screws and rivets, thus establishing its “handmade” manufacture.

Project developed through the Department of Public Space Projects of the Guadalajara City Council.

Photographs: Rafael Palacios