Horse Stable.

Tapalpa, Jalisco, México. 2023.

As part of the Promontory Villa in Tapalpa, the intervention proposes relationships between architectural elements in the landscape, such as the horse stables.

The project is part of a stone enclosure that functions as an entrance threshold to the property. Both architecture and landscape recreate a typological enclosure through a series of stone bays with wooden roofs and ceramic coverings attached to the oval stone walls that surrounds a grove of trees as an interior landscape. A fundamental aim has been made to generate a new forest habitat on the property that originally did not have many trees, as well as working with strategies to regenerate and planting the native flora, to rehance the beauty of the wild garden and re-establish the regional character of the pine-oak’s forest.



Architecture and Landscape design: Alejandro Guerrero | Andrea Soto | ATELIER ARS.

Team: Isabel Castiello, Roberto González, Inés Plasencia.

Horticulturalist: Juan Montaño.

Project: 2020-2022.

Construction: 2021-2023.

Photographs: César Béjar.